The Ushers Ministry at Tabernacle is divided into two groups:  the Junior Ushers and the Senior Ushers.


The duties of the Ushers are to cheerfully greet the worshippers as they enter the sanctuary, show them to an available seat, and to provide programs.  The Ushers are also responsible for orderly escorting worshippers to the offering plate and back to their seats.  These tasks take place prior to and during the Service.


Tabernacle's Ushers strive to be as helpful and accommodating as possible to the members, visitors, choir, and Pastor.


Tabernacle's Ushers have an annual fish fry and sponsor annual Christmas dinner/outings that the entire membership is invited to attend.  The fellowship events are greatly anticipated, and the members look forward to them as much as the Ushers do!


While Tabernacle Ushers believe that ushering is a serious ministry, they enjoy each other and the bond they have developed not only among their association, but with the entire church family.


Senior (Sr.) Usher OFFICERS                          Junior (Jr.) Usher OFFICERS

Linda Crummel, President                                         Jerrell Johnson, President

Marian Thomas, Vice President                               Arthur Brown, Jr., Vice President

Michele Dent, Secretary                                             Ethan Williams, Secretary

Morgan Harvey, Treasurer                                        Shawn Jackson, Treasurer

Kenneth Cartlidge, Chaplain

Elease Harvey, Sunshine


MEMBERS                                                                  MEMBERS

George Harvey                                                          Deja Thomas-Brooks

Jerome Tee Diggs                                                    Kenlea Cartlidge

Arleen Boulding                                                        Ashley Palmer

Ronald Miller                                                            Justin Roberts

Ann Humes                                                               Jaylin Roberts

Marsha Jackson

Psalm 84:10 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than live in the tents of wickedness.